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Why is the government poisoning the food supply with iron?

Question by JR: Why is the government poisoning the food supply with iron?
The government poisons the food supply with iron by putting it in all flour, even though there is evidence that excessive iron can lead to liver disease, diabetes, impotence, sterility, heart failure, sudden death, headaches, vascular damage, strokes, degenerative nerve disease, dementia, memory loss, vision problems, depression, lethargy, poor job performance, personality changes, poor judgment, slow reaction time, deadly accidents, stomachaches, breast cancer, poor digestion and improper metabolism. Sweden began to fortify its food with iron in 1948. By 1977, the incidence of liver cancer had increased by 350%. In 1995, iron fortification of foods in Sweden was discontinued. Why is the US government still poisoning the food with this stuff?

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Answer by Kallie
Where do you get your info?

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