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What is the main reason people get heart disease?

Question by Joe892: What is the main reason people get heart disease?
Life of regularlyeating Fried foods, greasy foods(Fast foods)?
Like of Smoking?

What is the main reason people get heart disease

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Answer by onlymatch4u
The primary cause of heart disease is processed foods.

Inflammation is the “root cause” and NOT cholesterol. 85% of the Cholesterol found in the body is made in the liver. It is used as a “TRANSPORTER” of fatty acids that cause inflammation and repair inflammation and that is the natural healing process in the body. Also, cholesterol is used in the process of creating vitamin B3 in the skin when UVB rays from the sun are absorbed by the sun’s rays.

Eating foods high in Omega 6 fatty acids, like vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, fried foods, trans fats, all contribute to inflammation in the body and this causes heart disease.

Taking antacids allows nanobacteria to have free reign in the body and these bacteria do NOT show up on typical lab tests. This bacteria is responsible or attacking the kidney, pancreas, and arteries around the heart. It has been shown to be the primary cause of heart disease and is found in processed foods, as well as cooked foods. Antacids destroy the stomach acid that kills this bacteria. (Thank you doctors).

Acid indigestion happens when Lactic Acid forms from rotting, putrefying food that happens when there is a LACK OF STOMACH ACID, NOT too much.

A good quality digestive system is one of your best defenses against heart disease and taking antacids of ANY kind is very destructive of this whole process.

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