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What is lupus and how does one get lupus?

Question by icantwait48: What is lupus and how does one get lupus?
My annoying ex-boyfriend and I got into a huge argument over what lupus really is. My dad, a physician for very sick adults, told me that lupus could be anything because it disguises itself as other diseases. My ex told me, his source being a doctor, that lupus was a skin disease and that it starts out as a skin disease. Any medical information?

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Answer by cowboydoc
Lupus is an autoimmune disease also know as the butterfly or a rash the goes over the bridge of the nose and covers the cheeks. It is not know where it comes from but in the U.S. 80% of the people that get Lupus are women and, usually are not treated right away because more doctor being arrogant think women are chronic complainers and let it go until it’s to late. That’s a fact.
Lupus does show up on other parts of the body as a rash, it attacks especially the kidneys but, other organs also and sometimes organ transplant is necessary.

Go to Webmd.com and go from there for more detailed information as it’s to long and complicated to go on here.

An autoimmune disease attacks the very body that it’s suppose to be taking care of, it’s manageable but not curable.

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