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What happens when a person has a massive heart attack?

Question by revan: What happens when a person has a massive heart attack?
What happens if they put them in Icu unit in the hospital ?
What happens after they have the heart attack ?
Does it put them into a coma? My dad that I held a grudge against is in the hospital tonight because he had a massive heartattack and I feel bad about everything. How do I apologize when he lives in mississippi and I live in oklahoma.

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Answer by Dr. Patrick V. Suglia
“Massive heart attack” means that one or more of the blood vessels that supplies the heart became blocked and part of the heart stopped working properly. If people survive this and make it to the hospital, they will most likely need a bypass surgery to correct this. Stress can definitely have brought this on. If he is still alert, then I suggest going to where he is and apologizing in person. It would mean a lot to him.

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