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question about agent orange and veterans benefits?

Question by sweetiefacek: question about agent orange and veterans benefits?
my father passed away 3 years ago from ischemic heart disease. i received a letter a few weeks ago in the mail regarding a claim he had filed regarding his heart disease…basically his claim had previously been denied but was now being reviewed due to the fact that his heart disease had just been added to the list of diseases caused by agent orange. the letter referenced a lawsuit named nehmer vs the department of veterans affairs. the letter stated that i as his survivor may be entitled to retroactive benefits…from the date that he filed this claim. i am trying to figure out if for one i have to contact anyone or follow up on this. i am also trying to figure out if for sure i am going to get any money at all. i do know my father also had type 2 diabetes, and im pretty sure he was being paid by the va for that…and was rated 100% disabled. i am trying to find out if he would also get paid for the heart disease. im really trying to find out anything i can…also my grandma is still alive…my dads mother. would she be entitled to any of this money? or would it just go to me as his child. does anyone know anything about this…please give me some information!!
yes the letter did come from the va

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Answer by Sarah M
Do not provide any of your personal information to whomever sent you the letter. Research the lawsuit on Google first. Contact a legal representative that you trust to do some leg work (if you have the money for that – it can get expensive).

Also, contact the VA. They would be able to confirm or deny if the heart disease is now covered under Agent Orange benefits.

If your mom was receiving benefits from VA before, she would be the first person entitled to this money now (unless your dad excluded her from his list of beneficiaries).

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