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Q&A: What happens during a stress test and what exactly are they looking for?

Question by CarbonDated: What happens during a stress test and what exactly are they looking for?
I’m having a stress test tomorrow (treadmill) and don’t really know much about it. While my current issues could be totally attributable to an increase in allergies and excess weight, my doc wants to rule out heart problems. I assume that I will be walking on a treadmill and they hook me to some monitor. Do they make you walk until you collapse or what? Is it on an incline? Oh, I am female if that makes any difference.

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Answer by Xeod
A typical stress tests involves measuring heart rate, blood pressure, etc. before you start and then measuring again after you have “stressed” your cardio-vascular system by walking on a treadmill. They then compare the heart rate, BP, and blood flow to determine if any blockages or impairments are evident.

Usually you will be required to walk at an increasing pace & increasing incline until you reach your maximum capacity (ready to collapse).

I had a stress test 2 years ago and was injected with a marker (dye) so they could scan blood flow before & after the stress test. It wasn’t my most pleasant experience, but it wasn’t really a bad experience, either. PS – my heart was OK – not great, but generally OK.

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