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how many kinds of heart diseases are there?

Question by mona: how many kinds of heart diseases are there?
i have list out all kinds of minor and major heart diseases..with all types in my assignment.can any 1 help me out please?

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Answer by nurseforglass
1. coronary artery disease is a build up of plaque in the arteries that supply oxygen to the heart.

2. myocarial infarct is a heart attack that results from interruption of blood flow through a coronary artery from either coronary artery disease or spasm of coronary artery.

3. valvular heart disease is a malformation of the valves that separate the atria and ventricle or to pulmonary artery causing a back flow of blood.

4. endocarditis is infection of inner lining of the pericardial sac which a tough membrane that surrounds the heart.

5. myocarditis is infection of actual heart muscle.

6.. cardiac tamponade is a fluid buid up in the pericardial sac that puts so much pressure on the heart and impededs its ability to beat.

7. congestive heart failure is a complex condition in which the heart is weak and unable to force enough blood through your body so the other organs can function properly

8. There are several congenital heart malformations that babies are born with but the most common is a patent ductus which leaves a hole in the septum that separates the right and left side of the heart.

9.Cardiomyopathy is a condition that has three subtypes but all involve cellular changes in the heart muscle that results in ineffective contractions and heart enlargement–incurable.

10. There are many abnormal rhythms that affect the electrical conduction system of the heart such as ventricular fibrillation, artial fibrillation, ventrical tachycardia, first, second degree (there are two types) and third degree blocks. There is a whole book just about those.

11. A clot can form inside the heart chamber and if a piece breaks off and is forced into ciculation it goes to the brain and causes a stroke.

12. rhumatic fever is an infection that can involve the heart and cause permanent damage.

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