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how many different types of heart diseases are there?

Question by :D : how many different types of heart diseases are there?
please have an accurate answer. And I want the number of different heart diseases even if they aren’t major! THANKS!

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Answer by Black Nightshade
1. Cardiomyopathy – heart muscle disease
2. Cardiovascular disease – disease of the blood vessels of the heart
3. Congenitial heart disease – malformation of the heart present at birth
4. Heart failure
5. Hypertensive heart disease – damage caused by high blood pressure
6. Inflammatory heart disease – inflammation of the heart muscle
7. Valvular heart disease – damage to the heart valves
(8. Coronary heart disease – build up of plaque in the blood vessels of the heart)

- in response to another_guy_named_steve’s comment -
There are lots of subtypes of each category of these conditions but these are the main types. I don’t think anyone could count all the different subtypes.

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