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How long does it take to wake up after surgery?

Question by addnan: How long does it take to wake up after surgery?
My relative has had a blocked artery repaired. This required bypass. I am not sure about all the detail because they are in a different country.
We were told this morning that the operation was done and it was successful. My mum called them just now (12 hours after hearing that it was a success), and they said he still hasn’t woken up from the anesthesia.

Is this normal?

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Answer by Medicine Woman
Yes, that is pretty normal. My Dad and my Brother both had 5 bypasses because they both had 5 blockages. The Doctors want to keep the patient asleep as long as possible so they stay out of pain and the Dr does not have to use too much pain reliever and the patient get hooked on morphine. Also the body goes through a very MAJOR surgery with bypass surgery and it is a shock to the body so they are giving the body time to recuperate. The nurse and Dr will wake the patient up off and on but mostly the patient needs sleep. Give it a day or 2. My Dad was 70 when he had his bypasses and he will be 80 in June. Don’t worry, this is normal. I am sure the nurses woke him up in recovery, they probably just gave him a lot of anesthesia so he would sleep.

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