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Can weed kill u if u have low blood pressure?

Question by Ramin: Can weed kill u if u have low blood pressure?
I know no one has ever died from weed before but i heard chances of getting a heart attack is more within the first hour of use and it drops ur blood pressure i know same thing happens when u excersise but u can stop whenever u want but while using this it will continue to increase ur heartbeat and lower ur blood pressure until the weed has been processed in ur body and i heard if ur blood pressure is too low it will cause cardiac arrest and about 300,000 americans have died from cardiac arrest so will weed kill u if u smoke too much or if ur blood pressure is low and smoke if not what is the worst that can happen ?

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Answer by tyler
Nope, god made weed bro. If weed was bad for you then why did he make it?

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